Jobson Optical Research
is tracking national and regional optical business metrics for the U.S.

*This index baseline was developed by Jobson Research from total sales from an average week in 2019.

This tracker measures sales trends comparing pre-pandemic, during the pandemic, and post-pandemic.

We selected 1,500 optical locations that have been operating and reporting their sales to our partners, GPN and ABB Analyze, since 2019. We re-based the index to an average week in 2019. This new index base will be used as an arbitrary benchmark and assigned a value of 100.


For the second week in a row, the national average for gross revenue at ECP locations was unchanged last week (July 25-31) when compared with previous week. That places gross revenue at a level 6 index points above where it was at this point in time (Week 31) when compared with last year, 2 points above the same time period in 2020, and 5 points above 2019.



Optical sales categories were varied last week when compared with the previous week. In addition to gross revenue being flat, the lens pairs category was also unchanged when compared with the previous week. The only category that was up was exams/refractions, at a rate of 1 index point. Down were frame units by -1 index point and contact lenses by -2 index points. Optical sales categories were also varied when comparing last week’s optical sales with the same period last year. Up were gross revenue by 5 index points and exams/refractions by 2 index points, the contact lens category was flat, and down were frame units and lens pairs, both by -1 index point.


With optical sales varied last week, two categories reached levels above an average week in 2019 (the index baseline assigned a value of 100 for this Optical Business Tracker). Gross revenue maintained the same level it reached last week, 113 index points, and exams/refractions reached 101 index points during Week 31 of 2022. Frame units and lens pairs both reach 99 index points, while contact lenses reached 98 index points.

*The index baseline was developed by Jobson Research from total sales from an average week in 2019. This index baseline is equivalent to a score of 100. All other time periods going forward are calculated as a percent increase or decrease from the 100 baseline index of that period. This index is intended to show directional and magnitudinal change that the market is experiencing. Actual index scores are arbitrary meaning the baseline of 100 is simply used as a benchmark. Jobson Research shall not be held liable for any use or misuse of the data described and/or contained herein.

Please note that practices that use practice analytic systems tend to skew a bit larger and have higher revenue than practices that do not.

Source: GPN/EDGEPro and ABB Analyze contributed anonymous sales data used to determine gross revenue, exams/refractions, frame units, lens pairs, and contact lens boxes. Data was collected from approximately 1,500 independent eye care practices.

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you may also reach out to GPN/EDGEPro and ABB Analyze directly.